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Lecture themes:

• The new threat al-Quaeda poses President Barack Obama. (How close was bin-Laden to a nuclear device).

• The role of Intelligence today.

• The history of Intelligence – MI5, MI6, and how and why they differ.

• Mossad – The controversial of all intelligence services. How they operate. Some of their most famous exploits. Their Assassination Squad. This is where Mossad is unique.

• The spy agency few of us hear about – China’s secret intelligence service and their extraordinary success.

• The CIA research into mind control. The untold story of MK-ULTRA – the real life search for the Manchurian Candidate.

• How the corporate world will be affected by terrorism.

Gordon is a Member of the London Speakers Bureau: www.londonspeakerbureau.co.uk and Macmillan Speakers: www.macmillanspeakers.com

He lectured at the International Conference of Anti-Terrorism in Colombia. His professional audience of intelligence officers from 34 countries included CIA, MI5, FBI and MI6 senior directors. He lectured for 90 minutes and then had a two-hour question and answer session. He was the only lecturer invited who was not a member of the intelligence community. He also lectured at the AFP Conference in Washington to an audience drawn from the Pentagon and other US agencies. He has lectured for the British Council in Germany and also to the National Press Club in Sydney, Australia.