The Pope’s Jews

Coming out later this year...

Gideon’s Spies is now in its sixth new edition and continues attract a worldwide audience. Korea is the latest country to publish the book – a fact that led The Wall Street Journal to ask me to select the best five books on Mossad for their book page. Meantime Gideon’s Spies is now included in the Mossad’s own selected in-house library. Read More

You can now purchase Gordon Thomas publications as E-Books on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. They include a number of titles Gordon wrote with his old writing partner Max Morgan Witts. They celebrate their working life together

Click Here for the first news on my forthcoming book

Gideon’s Spies just published in China, South Korea and Indonesia

Gideon’s Spies either in English or local language is taught in intelligence training schools for spies as far afield as Mongolia, Columbia, Columbo and Mexico


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Gideon's Spies:

The Secret History of the Mossad

Six Edition is out now